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the game is so cool, the demon is maybe a bit too sexy for its own good


The overall message is solid af. Loved the analog horror feel to it.


I had a lot of fun playing the game, good job!

Nice game !

my soul hath been saved!

Really enjoy the atmosphere and story of this game! 10/10

I saw ManlyBadassHero play this and I looooove this game! Will def check it out for myself soon!


Honestly one of my favorite games I've played in months!



The game is great, seeing Kermit as an evangelical host was hilarious, especially when he appears in the house.


Michael played your game, it's the first game you can't miss it :)



I loved this game.  Fantastic atmosphere and concept.


Seth looked so innocent at first, but man is he good at his job. It's a pretty short and sweet game I really enjoyed it!

Super jeu ;]


this was a great game, I played it on my friend's YT channel here

This was pretty great.  I liked it so much I made sure to play it twice to get both endings.  I think the games makes more sense if you get the bad ending first, which is good design since it's harder to get.

Thanks for making this, it was a lot of fun.

Fun little game. I liked it. Just wish the frog had just a little more animation.

Hi there, I'm a satanist that can take a joke. Hilarious game, also, nice sexy Satan design.

I have never felt more betrayed than I do now...


this game is HILLARIOUS idk if its supposed to be but i was having the time of my life laughing at this comedy genius i know its supposed to be scary but having Kermit yell at me like Terence Nicklinson is just a wonderful sight truly a masterpiece overall 9/10 because Karen is stupid but gets another point for the license plate so its a 10 if you want to see my full playthrough of this here it is 

if you checked it out i appreciate you and i hope you have a good day regardless 

Wow a 30 minutes gameplay. Took me long enough to finish it. I have to follow instructions from the frog or they will care hahah. Awesome!


Now this was fun. I appreciate being put in the shoes of a character who would normally be either an NPC or some insufferable antagonist.

My main point of criticism (and spoilers ahead here) would be that while the scares you experience before the end are pretty startling ,they also end up ruining the ending by showing you the Devil far before you meet him. I feel like the scares could be something different yet still demonic, so him appearing at the end still feels likee a unique event.

Aside from that, I greatly enjoy this, and Seth's voice actor did a wonderful job. Kudos!

This was fantastic lol LOVED every second of it! Seth is my favorite frog-person ever now and I need MORE SETH PLEASE!!!


A great game. Liked the atmosphere as constant tension sets in as you do small tasks. The mascot of the salvation project was interesting. Decent voice acting. Found it funny tbh. Classic vibes. Good job devs!


Outstanding game overall. love the frog's voice acting and the story it composed. this is my perspective 


This was a lot of fun, and honestly Seth's voice acting really made the game for me. Hearing him shout BOARD UP YOUR WINDOWS and everything else was just perfect. 


I liked this a lot, also i didn't expect kermit to be like that. Genius

This was brilliant.

Hail Satan!


I'm not sure if there are multiple endings, but how many photo pieces are there? Do they affect the game?


I REALLY enjoyed this. The game continued to make me feel so uncomfortable but still let me laugh at the performance from Seth on the TV as well as when he appeared in my living room! I loved the gameplay since it never felt boring and constantly kept me on edge. The voice acting from Seth was amazing and I loved seeing him slowly go crazy as the game continued on. I seriously recommend this to anyone who enjoys horror, as well as some who don't because this is a good way to get into the genre! I made a video of the game as well as explaining more about the game at the end. If you enjoyed what you watched, please do consider subscribing, but it's up to you! Thanks again!

Your game is at 8:04 :)


i liked the game the story was good i just wish there was combat or like an actual goal wanted to beat up the devil

Didn't expect this to be as good as it was! Never looking at Kermit the frog the same way ever again! (Game starts at 53:33) 

BUEN JUEGO!!! Me encanto, recomendado 10/10 

absolutely spectacular game, 10/10 would recommend

don't trust not kermit!


This game is a trip! Good humor that I didn't think detracted from the horror elements. Hope to see Seth again!

Praise be to Seth!

What a journey that was 

Great game ! I really enjoyed it, probably one of the best games i played recently. Here is my gameplay of it, hope you enjoy it :D

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