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Be careful. Because if you don't care, T̸̀̿H̵̑͑Ë̵͝Y̶̙̐ ̸͑̇Ẃ̸͛I̵͑͒Ĺ̷̛L̸̋̇

A game about television, insanity and a haunted house.

Experience "The Salvation Project" with your lovely host, Seth! He only says what's good for you! Most of the time...

In this game you will explore the house of a lone mother, left by everyone but the TV set in her living room. You play as this mother, and try to not lose your slowly deteriorating mind, fueled by the endless PSA's on your TV.

There are 2 possible endings that you can find.

Made in 48 days for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers game jam.

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How to Play: 

Move: WASD 

Interact: Left Mouse Button

Dialogue selection: Arrows + spacebar

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Tihan: Team Lead, Game Design, Music and SFX
Lenat_1: Technical Lead, programming, 3D modelling
Landy: Voice of Seth
ze6ypo: Voice of Seth (Russian)
G_SHOLAR: Demon design
North_Air: Seth design and model
0wa: Location Design

Early concepts: 0wa,Konstantin Kushko
Testers: 0wa, Spicy Crab, dRedder, Wildvlad
3D Artists: North_Air, RaDick (Radomir), Megisk
Programming: Izanaki
Spicy Crab: placement help, russian localization
HPSX Render Pipeline used
Cover art by RedWolfe7

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Please support us with your donations if you liked the game!

If you like the music in the game, you can get an album of the gamejam music by the composer on Bandcamp: https://t1han.bandcamp.com

Alternatively you can stream mp3's from soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/t1han

Updated 7 hours ago
Published 15 days ago
AuthorsLenat_1, 3D_Cookie, Konstantin Kushko, Tihan, OrangeOwa
Made withUnity, Blender, Adobe Photoshop
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, PSX
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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Salvation Project v1.58 win.zip 86 MB
Salvation Project v1.58 win rus.zip 82 MB

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BUEN JUEGO!!! Me encanto, recomendado 10/10 

absolutely spectacular game, 10/10 would recommend

don't trust not kermit!

This game is a trip! Good humor that I didn't think detracted from the horror elements. Hope to see Seth again!

Praise be to Seth!

What a journey that was 

Great game ! I really enjoyed it, probably one of the best games i played recently. Here is my gameplay of it, hope you enjoy it :D

I genuinely felt creeped out throughout this while feeling bad for Karen! Loved finding the little secrets and getting saved by Seth!


I’m.. gonna go turn on my lights and board my windows now..

Hi lenat ,I only can get one end ,how can I get the goodend ?  

For a good ending, you need to find 4 snippets of the photo. Every day inside the game has own snippet of photo. Explore the locations carefully, and then you will have a good ending.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you ,I got the good end now

Hey! I did a big roundup on a bunch of games in the jam (including yours) with some thoughts on each. Figured I'd share it here for anyone interested!


this game was very well made, I liked the little hidden easter eggs around the level, I loved the music, and the visuals were great, it had that ps1 feel to it which I've always loved in games. good job you guys it was fun!

Enjoyable horror game 


Обновление Salvation Project, НА русском, так ещё и с ОЗВУЧКОЙ?!? Ребята, вы молодцы.

This has been one of my favorites of the entire jam. What a great way to follow the jam rules and make it super effective! Thanks for the good time :)

Full Playthrough No Commentary

Satan scared me every time he popped up. Not sure I'll ever see the Kermit the save way. Great game!


Added russian language support.

Fixed some small bugs.

Added chairs.

Die Monster!


How can I get the goodend?

Pretty amazing!! weird and unique!


Really fun and spooky, with very nice voice acting!

hello hello, this game was pretty solid and gave me a few laughs while keeping a good sense of dread. I'd appreciate anybody watching my playthrough of the game and subscribing if you enjoyed! Thanks! 


More like the Damnation project, amirite?

Que jogo incrivel tive altas experiências mt foda

This experience was everything I expected it to be, some good ol comedic horror. I was only able to find one ending which I think is the bad ending. Either way, it was fun as hell. Well done, dev!

(1 edit)

Great game and looking forward to your future work! Keep it up. We love it. Got the GOOD ENDING

This was so much fun to play! The way everything slowly breaks down as you go through these tasks is done in a natural, entertaining way. Love the bits of humor thrown in here. Not necessarily a scary game as much as it is unsettling, but still perfectly executed nonetheless! Great work!

That this was made in only 48 hours is exceptionally impressive. It's very well-made. Thanks for sharing it with us!

I liked the game, it was really cool and the athmosphere was just great, but... there were some pieces of a photo we could take with us, i thought we'd get a different ending if we collected them all but nothing happened. I would like to know their meaning now that i finished the game twice... thank you for your hard work!


Seth the frog was the standout star of the game. Incredible work, especially considering it was put together in 48 hours.

Download the game. You wouldn't want Satan to win, would you?

Made a video

That game was awesome...

Good game. Finally, I was punched by the monster:)


Ah, Seth, you are such a trustworthy companion... you may get a bit over-excited at times but I will still obey your every command! Cool game, 7/10.


What inspired this masterpiece?


This game was very creepy. The voice acting was done very well. 5/5. Would have Kermit the Frog teach me about Satanism again. Can't wait to see what you make next! 


this game was pretty cool

I think it is: D


This game was really fun to play. Great voice acting, Creepy environment,amazing story and DEMONS!!


The voice acting in this game REALLY shines. Also, the game got infinitely more terrifying when I figured out what was going on. Seriously great work.

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