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You are invited to partake in the Mind Corruption Bureau, where your goal is to administer chemicals you create in different experiments, and then see the changes on your subjects.

Sometimes, the mind is not the only thing that gets corrupted... Don't forget to listen in on whatever your subjects say, it might be interested.

Inspired by Resident Evil, Half Life, Terminal 7 and Teletubbies.... yeah. 

Made in 48 hours for A2B2 gamejam.

From the people who brought you The Salvation Project and Sonic Suggests

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How to Play: 

Interact: Left Mouse Button 

Move around the lab by clicking the arrows on the screen. Play the minigames by interacting with the buttons and levers. 

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Tihan - Lead developer, game design, main menu music and SFX.

3DI70R - Minigame design and code, ending cutscene direction.

Lenat_1 - Game loop code, main programmer.

Owa - 3D Lead, 3D artist, made most of the assets.

N0rth_Air - 3D artist.

 ChloraVirgo - 2D artist - made all of the 2D character sprites and document styles.

Kolyasisan - Lighting artist, made the old TV shader.

Wildvlad - Management help.

Okay Fine - Lab music.

Voice Actors:

VashTSB - Hank

LandyRS - Lario

Catherine - Kat Alyst

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsLenat_1, OrangeOwa, 3DI70R, Tihan
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Tagscorruption, corruptions, half-life, Horror, minigames, teletubbies, vinesauce


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Cool idea, and could definitely see it expanded in a 'Papers, Please' type of progressive difficulty.
But I'm not sure that "Hasta la vista" is Italian?

Short but interesting game none of the less.


Winner: 1st place

Super unique goofy game with lots of potential. 

Interesting game. The game has a lot of potential for something bigger. Perhaps some more elaborate puzzles would make the experience even greater.

Love this game! Great job and thanks for sharing! Below is my gameplay

Weird and bizarre game. I liked.

This was a very fun horror game. Great work! 

Your game starts at 29:42. Lil Beef absolutely loved this and getting him to say it is no small feat. The mini games were fun and didn't bring the flow to a halt which can be a problem. The progression of the subjects really pushed the story forward a kept us hooked. Your humor was good and everything was easy to understand. Great job! 

Gave it a Lets Play, the only feedback/wish I had is that it was a real 3D roam you could roam in 1st person, the arrows were kind of clunky to deal with, one of which seemed bugged, (Clicking left arrow at monitor was the same as hitting the up arrow) 

Great game, it was definitely a unique experience to experiment on childhood icons. It was surprising how some of the characters ended up, especially as you got to hear how each of them felt after each stage of the Experiment. Watching Hank follow the meme was hilarious seeing his face sunken into the depression. Also great ending, nice way to end everything.

nice mk ultra game ;D